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Perfect Skin Seven Clinics

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015


Perfect Skin Covers Essex, Suffolk and London.

Harley St London- World Famous Location . Walking distance from Oxford St Shopping and Reagents Park.within a wonderful private Gp practise

DE JA VU clinic in Chingford E4 – great location just off the North Circular and Borders of essex, beautiful Beauty clinic providing all types of beauty and laser, colonic irrigation and semi permanent make up, nail and pedicure bar

Smile design by Ash Chigwell. Residential property on Chigwell rise, this relaxing and beautiful Private Denistry offers everything from regular dentistry, hygiene and Cosmetic dentistry

Caci Clinic Hornchurch Essex, situated opposite Hornchurch station with a car park also, a short distance from Emmerson Park, this wonderful beauty clinic offers caci ultimate facias, all types of beauty treatments and nail and pedicure area

The White Studios Glemsford Suffolk, this beautiful countryside setting is a real gem, the owner is a professional Make up artist Angela Pumo, they offer the amazing SUISSE Absolue and Inspira med skincare, make up, Jewlery and other beautiful gifts, plenty of parking

Siloutte du barry Moulsham St Chelmsford Essex, this hair salon spans over three floors in the beautiful setting on the famous shopping Moulsham street this salon provides or hair dressing services and beauty

Brentwwod Essex, Clements Park, this peaceful residential property with ample parking, offers all range of caci facials , skin peels and medical aesthetics

Please call Michelle on 07508404862 for a consultation now

A-Z of Skin Tips for 2015

Monday, January 19th, 2015

A-Z of skin and beauty tips for 2015 by Frances Furlong

Argeline – this amazing product is the natural alternative to toxins that stop you frowning!

Body Roller- this treatment is excellent for tightening the skin, especially to arms and mummy tummy a, can be infused with products to add weight loss also

Collagen boosting – if you want younger, fresher skin then boosting your skins collagen levels is a must, look at babies beautiful plump skin for the proof! Derma rollers, skin boosting fillers from Restylane all can help.

Erthema and flushing, red cheeks and nose can be a distressing problem, intense pulsed light and redness relief products like skin ceuticals and Zo Obaji

Facial veins, easy to get rid of but harder to cover! Diathermy is a cheap and easy solution to these unsightly skin blemishes

Glycolic acid is my number one choice for sundamaged skin, closing open pores and brightening the skin

Hyaluronic acid is a natural occurring substance found in our own bodies, it is responsible for soft plump skin also, use a serum with a high concentrate or derma fillers such as Restylane or Emervel to help lift out lines and wrinkles.

Ice picks scars or chicken pox scars can effect a persons confidence especially on the face area, derma pen and dermal fillers can really help lessen the appearance.

Jade roller, this amazing cool stone helps to smooth your serums into the skin, try it with the new Inspira face sculpture serum for an instant lift

Kojic acid and glutathione are my favourite lightening serums, a deeply intensive serum used daily or used in combination with derma rollers for bright new year skin

Laughter lines, try a natural dermal filler to help lessen the depth of these agi g lines to the sides of the mouth and the cheeks, for a natural unfrozen look

Make up is important to most women, find a professional to help you find the right colour and product type for your skin, blocking your pores and bad colour choice is not a good look

Neglecting your skin, make a promise to yourself 2015 will be the year I use the right products to protect, treat and maintain my skin, go for good quality products I love, Suisse Absolue, Inspira medical, obaji, neostrata , skin ceuticals and algebra. Get advice from your practitioner to determine the best regime for you

Open your eye are! The eyes are the windows of our soles, tired puffy eyes are not a great first impression, smooth out crows feet with. Muscle relaxing injections and try perfect skin imagetired eye eye boosting treatments

Pimples on the backs of the arms known as Pilaris keratosis can be easily treated with a good aha product or peels, get spring summer ready arms now

Quick facial zo obaji are great for removing make up and come in a convieneient tub so you can travel anywhere with them without any spills.

Smile Design By Ash offer to all Perfect Skin Clients

Monday, February 3rd, 2014


Frances has worked at Smile Design by Ash for three years since we set up the practice. Many people have benefited from the collaboration of having an attractive, natural smile that suits their face with younger, healthier looking skin.

These three people have had life changing treatments from both Ash and Frances… from skin peels to gum cleaning and cosmetic dentistry; all have benefited from the amazing work done by the Team.

“Frances is a very talented person. She is highly professional and offers people excellent advice on improving their appearance. I am proud to have her work at Smile Design By Ash, so that clients can benefit from her extensive range of services.”
Ash Parmar
Principal dentist, Smile Design By Ash

For any Perfect Skin clients, we offer a FREE initial consultation worth £125. This includes:
• A large scanning X–ray (to evaluate the mouth)
• Digital photographs (to review the dental condition & smile)
• A cosmetic and health consultation with Dr Ash Parmar

Please visit our informative website at www.smiledesignbyash.co.uk and contact us on 020 85000544 to schedule this appointment quoting PerfectSkin125.


Young Skin Problems

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


Two Part Series on Skin Solutions

Part One – Younger Skin Concerns

This month I will be addressing skin concerns for younger people and tips on how to help. With the Christmas season now in full swing we can see the effects it can have on our skin’s appearance and energy levels. Drink lots of water, keep hydrating your skin, I love Suisse Absolue Serum Hydra which is like a glass of water to the skin. Also don’t forget your daily vitamin C and zinc, echinacea and astragalus to help your immunity. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, see you in 2014.

Problem 1

Acne, Scars and Blemishes

Using good antibacterial washes which contain glycolic and salicylic acid are great for soaking up the excessive oil and helping to prevent outbreaks. As well as good hygiene also seek medical advice as antibiotics in some cases are needed. Laser treatments and skin peeling can really help and taking vitamin C and zinc daily to help heal the skin is really useful.
Scarring can be greatly improved with deeper peeling and derma stamp treatments.

Problem 2


This can be caused by environmental factors, hormonal or due to medications. Younger girls taking the oral contraception pill beware! Some pills can cause dark areas to appear on the face and body (especially top lip), use a daily SPF protector, avoid sun beds and direct sun as it can get darker. Pigmentation can also be a real problem for olive and darker skin types especially when the skin is very dry. Using a face protector and creams to help break down pigment can be useful as well as considering skin peeling and light treatments.

Problem 3

Stretch Marks

Often associated with pregnancy, but can affect you during puberty, teenage girls can notice them to the leg, buttock and breast area during the growing spurt. Men can also be affected. It is easier to treat stretch marks sooner rather than later, red marks can be lessened using lasers or derma rollers to the area to boost collagen. Essentially these marks are a micro tear in the dermis and will never go, but the appearance of them can be greatly reduced.

Problem 4

Unwanted Hair

There are so many hair removal techniques out there, it’s basically finding the one that suits you! Laser hair removal is great, but you do need to attend the treatments regularly and at the correct time of the hair growth cycle to get the results you want. Waxing is great for some, but for others can cause ingrown hairs, glycolic acid based products and peeling agents are particularly useful to help treat them. Men often find that when they shave this can be a problem also and glycolic acid creams can help. Hair removal creams can irritate sensitive skins so patch test a small area first to ensure it is safe to use.

Problem 5

Dry Skin and Eczema

Common factors with eczema is scratching especially at night, tips like using your prescribed creams and moisturising agents as instructed will help. Ensure you are not too hot in bed, wear loose cotton clothing, try wearing cotton gloves at night to stop scratching and tearing the skin. Antihistamines can also help and be prescribed. Bionic lotion from Neostrata is a good cream for the face if you are prone to eczema or excessive dryness and won’t thin or irritate the skin. Also protect your skin with non irritating and sensitive SPF protectors like Cetaphil.

Gum disease and how to avoid it

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Don’t forget your toothbrush it might be a lifesaver

20130819-210453Going to the dentist can be a chore but a necessity if we want to keep our own teeth. But there may be more broad ranging benefits. Regular check-ups, clean teeth and a healthy mouth could increase lifespan and lead to early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a range of diseases from anaemia to heart problems.

Experts are increasingly discovering links between gum disease, which affects half the population, and dozens of other illnesses. Studies are also showing that treating it can lead to improvements in many of the conditions. The British Dental Association’s scientific advisor, Professor Damian Walmsley, says “the good news is that most cases of gum disease are treatable and, more importantly, preventable”.

Here we outline the ways in which good oral hygiene – brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, restricting intake of sugary foods and drinks to mealtimes, stopping smoking and visiting the hygienist twice a year (or more often if you have problems) can boost overall health.

Heart Disease & Stroke

Gum disease usually begins with a build up of plaque, a sticky coating made up of food and bacteria that can lead to irritation of the gums and bleeding. Research at New York State University showed that treating periodontal disease (gum disease) with scaling, deep gum cleaning and antibiotic gel significantly lowered the levels of C-reactive protein and fibrinogen, which are associated with a higher risk of heart disease.

In a second study at Sydney Dental Hospital, dentists removed teeth from about 70 patients with advanced types of gum disease and found a big drop in levels of the same compounds associated with heart disease risk. One theory is that periodontal bacteria get into the bloodstream and travel to major organs to begin new infections. It has also been suggested that the bacteria causing gum disease could increase the rate at which arteries become blocked.

There may be a similar risk with stroke. Research based on 9,000 adults tracked for 15 years found that women with antibodies to P. gingivalis, the organism most associated with periodontal disease, were twice as likely to get a stroke.

High Blood Pressure

A report from cardiologists at the University of Athens says there is a link between chronic periodontitis and increase in blood pressure levels (hypertension).

Lung disease

Links have been found between oral health and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, or COPD, a respiratory condition whose main cause is cigarette smoking. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, oral and other bacteria can get into the lungs to cause frequent bouts of infection in patients with COPD.


Gum disease rates have been found to be threefold higher in people with diabetes. A study by the US National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Disease found a link between severity of periodontal disease and mortality in diabetes patients. Researchers at Newcastle University say there is evidence of a two-way effect, with diabetes increasing the risk for periodontitis, and periodontal inflammation worsening blood sugar control.

Premature Birth

Researchers have found higher rates of premature babies amongst women with periodontal disease. Research at the University of Alabama is showing that gum infections trigger an increase in the levels of prostaglandin and other compounds that induce labour.  The researchers were able to reduce premature birth by up to 84% in women who received scaling and deep gum cleaning when they were less than 35 weeks pregnant.


In periodontitis, there is a loss of bone around the roots of teeth, and this, as well as the loss of the soft tissue attachment to the teeth, is a major cause of teeth loss in adults. It has been suggested that in some patients, gum disease could be an early indicator of the bone thinning condition osteoporosis.

Early Death

Those with severe gum disease were twice as likely to die, of any cause, before the age of 64 as those with no disease, according to a study based on a nationally representative US sample of 11000 people aged over 30.

Jessica is our hygienist at Smile Design By Ash. She works here on Mondays and Thursdays.

For advanced problems, we refer our patients to a periodontist (gum specialist) www.al-faperio.co.uk Brush your teeth properly, clean between the teeth daily with floss and micro brushes, and get your gums cleaned regularly by a hygienist. It’s that simple!


Excellence in Dentistry & Implants

Tel: 020 85000544

Dream Makeover Essex Eleasha’s Transformation

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


Here is the second lucky winner of dream makeover essex , Eleasha Newberry,

Frances Furlong of Perfect Skin gave her the following skin and facial balance treatments,

Six glycolic peels to help reduce acne and oily skin,
Derma roller treatments , 2 sessions to help with scars, open pores and help boost the skin and make it glow,
Muscle relaxing injections to frown and forehead to lift brow and open eye area

Restylane lip dermal filler to reshape and hydrate the lips naturally,
Perlane dermal fillers to help smooth the chin area and give a better definition and balance

Suisse Absolue skin care daily, cleanser pure, serum pure, cream soft, eye vital and SPF 50 Heliocare gel

For a consultation to see how Perfect Skin can help you call now!








Eleasha with the fantastic Jeff Brazier at the reveal night,
Photography by memorable portraits

Dream Makeover Essex Caroline’s amazing Transformation

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


Here is the third lucky winner of Dream makeover Essex Caroline McKenna,

Perfect Skin Frances Furlong treated her with the following treatment plan,

Three sessions of Intense pulsed light treatments at the De Ja Vu clinic Chingford to help reduce rosacea which is an inflammatory skin disease which causes red broken capillaries mainly to the cheek, chin and nose area, heat and flushing to the skin also.

Muscle relaxing injections to the frown line and crows feet to lift the brow and open the eye are

Restylane lip volume to the lip area to redefine, refresh and give the mouth a more youthful natural enhancement

Perlane filler to the nose to mouth lines and chin are to help smooth out the area and give a youthful shape to the chin and lower face

Suisse Absolue skincare daily to enhance, treat and protect the skin, cleanser hydra, serum hydra, cream medium, eye vital and SPF 50 Heliocare gel


For a consultation to see how Perfect Skin can help you call now


Caroline with Jeff Brazier at the reveal night, photography by memorable portraits ltd

Dream makeover Keith’s Transformation

Sunday, March 24th, 2013


Last October 2012 I joined the fantastic dream makeover essex team to help transform 3 individuals , here are the amazing results,

Keith had the following treatments with me,

Dermal roller treatments to help boost collagen and make the skin more youthful and hydrated,
Dermal fillers from Restylane and Emervel to lift lower face and help to lift frown lines,
Muscle relaxing injections to soften lines to the eye and forehead area

Daily Suisse Absolue skincare cleanser hydra, serum vital, cream vital, eye vital and SPF 50 gel Heliocare all available on perfect skin online shop

He also received a smile makeover from Ash Parmar smile design by Ash, laser vision correction from Mr Pillal AVC vision, hair by Mark Zoology, beauty from Karen at Mode, personal training from Lisa Body Perfect, styling from Annelise Dean, photography from Azeem at Capture photography



With Jeff Brazier who hosted the reveal night at The Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey 21st March 2013

Dream makeover essex winners revealed

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013


The long awaited reveal of the three lucky winners of Dream Makeover Essex is over, on Thursday 21st Mach 2013 we were delighted to show how fabulous and confident they all looked. It was held at The Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey and guests were treated to a fun filled evening with host Jeff Brazier and each guest received a wonderful goody bag.

Big thanks to Galdermi for providing me and the winners with Restylane and Emervel dermal fillers, here I am with Sam Leon, Jen Pain, Jeff Brazier, Caroline McKenna, Eleasha Newberry and Keith Welch.

To find out how Perfect Skin can help you restore your natural beauty and confidence call now for a consultation.

Dream makeover winner Keith Welch treated by Perfect Skin

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Here is the wonderful Keith Welch with Jeff Brazier, it was wonderful to start Keith’s facial aesthetic treatments last week, derma roller treatments to boost the skin, leading to fresher, firmer and more hydrated skin. Keith works outdoors so I gave him the wonderful Suisse Absolue products cleanser hydra, eye vital, serum hydra and cream medium along with a daily SPF protector from Heliocare see www.perfect-skin.co.uk/shop to buy these amazing plant stem cell products. Keith also had muscle relaxing injections around his crows feet to soften lines, I will be seeing him in six weeks for his next derma roller treatments…………