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Tuesday, May 26th, 2015


Perfect Skin Covers Essex, Suffolk and London.

Harley St London- World Famous Location . Walking distance from Oxford St Shopping and Reagents Park.within a wonderful private Gp practise

DE JA VU clinic in Chingford E4 – great location just off the North Circular and Borders of essex, beautiful Beauty clinic providing all types of beauty and laser, colonic irrigation and semi permanent make up, nail and pedicure bar

Smile design by Ash Chigwell. Residential property on Chigwell rise, this relaxing and beautiful Private Denistry offers everything from regular dentistry, hygiene and Cosmetic dentistry

Caci Clinic Hornchurch Essex, situated opposite Hornchurch station with a car park also, a short distance from Emmerson Park, this wonderful beauty clinic offers caci ultimate facias, all types of beauty treatments and nail and pedicure area

The White Studios Glemsford Suffolk, this beautiful countryside setting is a real gem, the owner is a professional Make up artist Angela Pumo, they offer the amazing SUISSE Absolue and Inspira med skincare, make up, Jewlery and other beautiful gifts, plenty of parking

Siloutte du barry Moulsham St Chelmsford Essex, this hair salon spans over three floors in the beautiful setting on the famous shopping Moulsham street this salon provides or hair dressing services and beauty

Brentwwod Essex, Clements Park, this peaceful residential property with ample parking, offers all range of caci facials , skin peels and medical aesthetics

Please call Michelle on 07508404862 for a consultation now

The Three Most Common Treatments

Monday, February 16th, 2015


Research on clients enquires to Perfect Skin found that the three most common asked for problem areas were, negative frown lines, sad droopy mouth or weak top lip, and tired hollow eyes. See the attached poster for results and call Michelle now to book your consultation and say goodbye to your similar problems!

Young Skin Problems

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


Two Part Series on Skin Solutions

Part One – Younger Skin Concerns

This month I will be addressing skin concerns for younger people and tips on how to help. With the Christmas season now in full swing we can see the effects it can have on our skin’s appearance and energy levels. Drink lots of water, keep hydrating your skin, I love Suisse Absolue Serum Hydra which is like a glass of water to the skin. Also don’t forget your daily vitamin C and zinc, echinacea and astragalus to help your immunity. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, see you in 2014.

Problem 1

Acne, Scars and Blemishes

Using good antibacterial washes which contain glycolic and salicylic acid are great for soaking up the excessive oil and helping to prevent outbreaks. As well as good hygiene also seek medical advice as antibiotics in some cases are needed. Laser treatments and skin peeling can really help and taking vitamin C and zinc daily to help heal the skin is really useful.
Scarring can be greatly improved with deeper peeling and derma stamp treatments.

Problem 2


This can be caused by environmental factors, hormonal or due to medications. Younger girls taking the oral contraception pill beware! Some pills can cause dark areas to appear on the face and body (especially top lip), use a daily SPF protector, avoid sun beds and direct sun as it can get darker. Pigmentation can also be a real problem for olive and darker skin types especially when the skin is very dry. Using a face protector and creams to help break down pigment can be useful as well as considering skin peeling and light treatments.

Problem 3

Stretch Marks

Often associated with pregnancy, but can affect you during puberty, teenage girls can notice them to the leg, buttock and breast area during the growing spurt. Men can also be affected. It is easier to treat stretch marks sooner rather than later, red marks can be lessened using lasers or derma rollers to the area to boost collagen. Essentially these marks are a micro tear in the dermis and will never go, but the appearance of them can be greatly reduced.

Problem 4

Unwanted Hair

There are so many hair removal techniques out there, it’s basically finding the one that suits you! Laser hair removal is great, but you do need to attend the treatments regularly and at the correct time of the hair growth cycle to get the results you want. Waxing is great for some, but for others can cause ingrown hairs, glycolic acid based products and peeling agents are particularly useful to help treat them. Men often find that when they shave this can be a problem also and glycolic acid creams can help. Hair removal creams can irritate sensitive skins so patch test a small area first to ensure it is safe to use.

Problem 5

Dry Skin and Eczema

Common factors with eczema is scratching especially at night, tips like using your prescribed creams and moisturising agents as instructed will help. Ensure you are not too hot in bed, wear loose cotton clothing, try wearing cotton gloves at night to stop scratching and tearing the skin. Antihistamines can also help and be prescribed. Bionic lotion from Neostrata is a good cream for the face if you are prone to eczema or excessive dryness and won’t thin or irritate the skin. Also protect your skin with non irritating and sensitive SPF protectors like Cetaphil.

Essex Dream Makeover Competition

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

The chance to win a fantastic makeover is finally here, see www.essexdreammakeover.co.uk to enter for free treatment value up to £25,000 could be yours


Get The Essex Look

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Check out the latest article Get The Essex Look. Looking great and having bright, smooth and radiant skin isn’t just for the girls, the guys want it too. Treatments such as dermal roller, fruit skin peels and muscle relaxing injections can all help men achieve this. Treatments can also help with ingrown hairs, shaving rash, open pores, scars, acne, broken red veins on the face and help to soften angry and ageing frown lines! With over 8 clinics to choose from Frances at Perfect Skin can help you achieve the Essex Look, call now for a consultation

07508 404 8627


Hair Removal at De Ja Vu clinic Chingford

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The De Ja Vu clinic in Chingford offers great hair removal treatments using ND Yag laser, suitable for men and women. Free consultation and patch test given. In addition this huge clinic offers, semi permanent make up, colonic hydrotherapy, massage, manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing and much more. I offer non surgical treatments on a weekly basis. Please call 0208 527 6175 for a consultation today.

Scene Magazine Essex

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

           This months scene magazine features a new advertising campaign, Perfect Skin is proud to be recommending the services of Ashlene McCormack semi permanent make-up expert. Look out for the next issue where we tell you how we refer to the best practitoners we know, Ash Parmar at Smile design for cosmetic dentistry and the best beauty clinic De Ja Vu Chingford. Beauty and Confidence are restored with the right approach and combination of treatments.