Perfect Skin – Beauty and Skincare treatments in Essex and London

Frequently Asked Questions

Please ensure you call the clinic you wish to attend, or email Frances in order to make an appointment that is convenient for you and your lifestyle.

Our founder, Frances Furlong, ensures selectively choosing practices that provide relaxation teamed with capable procedures. Frances has years of experience (see about us for in depth details on her training) and although occurrences are rare, she is fully competent and trained to deal with difficult situations. Our treatments are the most up to date and take place in modern surroundings that are comfortable, hygienic and most importantly safe. Frances is always on hand, if you have questions regarding our procedures and after care and invites you to call or email with queries or to take advice.


Where necessary, we use safe anaesthetics at our skin care clinics and we always work hard to treat our individual customers professionally by making you as comfortable as possible.

We ask that all of our clients, new and existing, complete a comprehensive medical form outlining any issues that we need to address or that may affect your treatment. Samples and patch tests are asked for with some treatment requests. This is to ensure that you are safe when undergoing our non-surgical procedures, and that your skin does not react negatively.

Some clients that approach us may not be safe when undergoing some of the Perfect Skin treatments. We have set strict regulations to ensure that individuals are fully reviewed to ensure that treatments are suitable and appropriate.
If we feel that for any reason your medical history will have a negative affect on any procedure, or simply that the area will not benefit from our treatments, we will discuss with you in confidence. We will not carry out procedures if we think your expectations far outweigh what can be achieved, however will always discuss various options with you and be honest to you about what you can expect from the final outcome.


Through the use of innovative technology, continuous research and development, and intelligent methods of practice, we work with your skin to enhance or reduce what you have already. By that, we mean we can enhance the way your skin looks by reducing scarring caused by acne, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation issues. We can promise to improve the appearance of your skin with treatments that are designed to brighten, polish, tone and smooth. Procedures are temporary, with some results potentially lasting up to 18 months, but the procedures are never permanent. Your skin will be restored, you may see that wrinkles, lines and scars are smoother and more refined, and you will achieve more visible results if you choose a course that is recommended to you. We will always select the best possible method to achieve a fine result, and we will ensure that we make it clear what results you can expect once the treatment course has finished.

Some of the faster treatments offered at Perfect Skin care clinics take just 30 minutes, with other more complex procedures taking up to an hour and 30 minutes. We see all of our customers at the allotted time, this way we ensure that you are not delayed and can expect to be seen without a lengthy waiting time. We do not waste time during the appointment so you can expect to be able to have treatment in your lunch hour. Please remember to add travel time and do check with our experts about the appearance of your skin following treatment. Please ensure that you give yourself enough time before the appointment to complete our medical treatment which is intended to tell us about you and your health.

Most of our treatments allow you to return back to your daily activities immediately after treatment – the majority make sure that you do not need down time following non-surgical procedures. However, this depends on your skin and how it reacts to treatment. Whilst we do conduct sample tests and ask you to complete a survey, some skin simply reacts differently to others. For this reason we tell our customers that you can return to your normal daily activities, however with injectable fillers it is likely there will be slight bruising lasting up to 5 days. Potential swelling for a couple of hours whilst the treated area adjusts may occur also. Wrinkle relaxing injections may sometimes cause light headaches which will ease off after a few hours.
We can discuss rare complications and reactions with you at the clinic, and will provide you with thorough care sheets and manufacturers guides. For safety reasons, we are strict about the fluids we use and only use the best brands available (below) that have been thoroughly tested and are sterile and safe.

  • Azzalure
  • Beletero Filler
  • Wrinkle Treatments
  • Inspira
  • Institute bcn
  • Juverderm
  • Radiesse
  • Restylane
  • Sculptra
  • Skin tech