Perfect Skin – Beauty and Skincare treatments in Essex and London

Well after getting over my nerves and having my gummy smile altered I was even more intrigued to find out what else I was missing, as a sufferer of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) my skin has always played havoc with me.

Some days I can look clear and my skins glowing and other days my skin has a major breakout and can look greasy and very spotty which happens more often that I would like.

Frances had mentioned to me about skin peels, derma rollers and her own selection of products but again like how I felt about the gummy smile I was nervous, I had never found a product or face wash that I could use regularly without there being a problem further down the line. Frances has a range called Suisse Absolue which is the latest in must have skin care, stem cell plant technology, she explained how the products and the treatment plan would work, side effects and what to expect.

I still wasn’t convinced she was going to be able to stop my terrible break outs but couldn’t have been more wrong. We started the skin treatments back in April this year, and have only used the Suisse Absolue skin care range, serum pure, cleanser pure, cream soft and daily SPF medium which is a make-up and SPF in one. Don’t get me wrong my skin had to go through a rough patch to get to the good side and boy oh boy am I glad I embarked on this journey. As you can see after 6 months of skin treatments and using the products as directed by Frances, I have noticed a huge difference even my friends and family are noticing a huge difference. The spots have gone, the greasy feeling has disappeared and I am feeling happier and a lot more confident……now Frances has me hooked. I have changed from a non girlie girl to a very happy girlie girl…….thanks Frances x