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A-Z of Health ,Beauty and Dermatology

Over the next few issues I will be focusing on some of the current health, beauty and Dermatology tips and trends. Including the latest trends in facial enhancement, products and solutions that are the latest must haves and advice on problematic dermatology issues. A is for ageing hands , this has become a very popular […]

How to Make Eyes Look Less Tired

There are many characteristics that make eyes more beautiful. Some being natural as we are born with, others may be applied. Among the most obvious natural features are the shape and size of the eyes. Eyes can be anything from near slits, to elongated, almond shaped, rounded, sleepy, puffy, amongst other shapes and also vary […]

Treating the Jawline and Chin using Dermal Fillers

As an experienced Aesthetic Nurse Consultant I usually find that people are still wary of considering dermal fillers to enhance, define and naturally contour facial flaws. Typically due to negative media coverage, celebrities and public figures who may have gone “too far’ and furthermore lack of knowledge on how dermal fillers integrate with our skin […]

Four Point Face Lift

This month I will be looking at how a non surgical Facelift can be achieved with dermal fillers, in recent years the demand for non surgical treatments has grown. I find that clients sometimes fall into the category where they are not old enough or not ready for a surgical approach. The beauty of using […]

Naturaceuticals and skin health

Treatment This month I will be focusing on how to look radiant not just with amazing skin boosting medical facials, but how the connection between nutrition, skin conditions and ageing has been at the forefront of research more recently. After all, don’t they say true beauty comes from within? Nutraceuticals and skin benefits Over the […]

Powerful Vitamin Peel

Finally the weather is starting to pick up, I think we would all agree it’s been a very long, cold win- ter. Unfortunately our skin has suffered as a consequence. The dramatic temperature changes from bitterly cold, windy days, then going indoors to dry hot central heating plays havoc with the skin. I highly recommend […]

A-Z Health and Beauty Tips Part 2 – 2018

Following last month’s article here is part two of Health and Beauty tips and treatments, to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to improve your health, look and feel your best and keep motivated. I is for imperfections to skin tone. Flushing, broken veins and sun damage can all be easily treat- ed. […]

Latest results with Mesotherapy for Cellulite and localised Fat

Mesotherapy is a French technique using micro injections of fat burning, lymphatic boosting and skin firming ingredients to help combat the dreaded cellulite and localised fat. This result was achieved with 5 sessions in conjunction with body brushing daily and moderate excercise.