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AG, London
“As a professional beauty therapist, looking good is important, and after losing four stone in weight I found that my face looked somewhat gaunt, tired and dull.”. Read More


“I was really excited when my fiancé and I decided to get married abroad, however the thought of being on holiday with lots of family and friends was making me feel concerned”. Read More


“I have been having treatments with Frances Furlong for the past 4 years. This is my result 8 weeks after, as you can see I look less tired and wide eyed!”. Read More


“Following the results of my initial Plexr treatment to my under eye are I was delighted at 6 weeks with my results”. Read More



RK – Suffolk
“After being told by a Consultant Dermatologist in the NHS that I had prematurely aged and damaged my skin by 20 years older than my actual age, I was devastated”. Read More



Vicky Wright

“Frances had suggested that I receive a Derma Roller treatment. The treatment claims to ‘significantly improve’ the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face and décolleté”. Read More




“Well after getting over my nerves and having my gummy smile altered I was even more intrigued to find out what else I was missing, as a sufferer of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) my skin has always played havoc with me”. Read More



Vedia – Chingford, London

“‘I was recommended by a friend to book a consultation with Frances in 2011, I was advised that I would benefit from glycolic skin peeling and derma roller treatments for my mild acne and scarring to my face”. Read More



Emma Brook
“An important part of her competitions means that facially she also has to look good, so I have devised a volumising program using Sculptra and Wrinkle Treatments”. Read More



Cheryl Burnall
“I have always had bad skin, spots and acne scaring and a greasy and blotchy complexion. I felt embarrassed of my complexion so much that I had spent so much money on different skin treatments, products and makeups all of which did not work”. Read More


“I am absolutely delighted with the results that Frances has achieved on my face. I have had a combination of fillers, Wrinkle Treatments and derma rollers (non-surgical face lift).” Read More


“I have been coming to see Frances for a couple of years now. She made me feel at ease from the moment I met her and listened to all of my concerns”. Read More


“I met Frances furlong 9 years ago in London after my Dermatologist Dr Sonnex recommend I see her about suitable treatments to help with my acne and acne scarring.”. Read More



“I had my treatment straight after my consultation, it was quick and painless and I immediately knew it was one of my best decisions.” Read More


Treated with Wrinkle Treatments
“I have always been conscious of my frown even when I was younger, people said to me stop frowning!” Read More


Dermal Filler to treat dark eyes
“As a young woman having dark circles and rings around my eyes was a big problem for me. ” Read More


Lip Filler
“After years of using lip liner and lip plumping gloss I decided to go ahead with having lip filler to even out my lips. ” Read More


“suffer from very deep brow lines and an expressional face which, as I have got older this has made me age quite quickly. ” Read More