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I have always been conscious of my frown even when I was younger, people said to me stop frowning! However it’s easy said then done, that’s a natural expression for me and I have strong muscles in this area. I was wary about having Wrinkle Treatments, you hear and see a lot of horror stories, I was concerned I would look false and that people would say negative comments to me.

Treated with Wrinkle Treatments
However since meeting Frances , having a thorough Indepth consultation I decided to go for it, I just had my frown treated as Frances said it was the only area I needed. It was not painful at all and after 5 mins there was evidence of any marks to the area treated.

The results took about 7 days to take effect, but the comments I have had from others who do not know what treatment I have had have been amazing, people say you look really well, or I like your eye make up.

They are not sure what it is about me that has changed, but they say how good I look and that’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks Frances I would highly recommend you to anyone.