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Pigmentation Management

At consultation your practitioner will discuss with you:

Pigmentation can be caused by hormonal factors such as contraceptive pills, poly cystic ovaries or certain other medications. Melasma or the mask of pregnancy.

Chloasma is difficult to treat. If you stay on contraceptive pills or medications that induce pigmentation, treatments can be given to lighten the areas or make them less obvious but will never completely get rid of them as pigmentation is fed due to medications or if it is from sun damage, treatments like mild to deep skin peeling or Intense Pulsed Light and de-pigmenting creams can be beneficial and give good results.

But a commitment to high daily SPF, avoidance of sunbeds and sun must be maintained throughout the course. After the course if you go on to use sunbeds or do not protect your skin the pigmentation will come back as this is how your skin reacts to UV exposure.

The Treatment

All pigmentation is different and an individual programme will be tailored to meet your specific needs. These conditions respond well to a combination approach as well as prescribed creams, treatment programmes have a two month cycle where treatment progress will be monitored and reviewed accordingly, the minimum amount of time is 6 months and patience is required.