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There are many characteristics that make eyes more beautiful. Some being
natural as we are born with, others may be applied. Among the most obvious
natural features are the shape and size of the eyes. Eyes can be anything
from near slits, to elongated, almond shaped, rounded, sleepy, puffy, amongst
other shapes and also vary in size. At times it is not so much the eye size but
more of their size in relation to the face. After that we get all the exquisite
possible eye colours, then the length of your eyelashes, the shape and skin
tone of your facial eye sockets and finally the shape, size, and curvature of
your eyebrows. Which of all these possible combinations are considered
more beautiful largely depends on country, culture and fashion.
Common eye problems and possible treatment options
Small eyes due to heavy brow – trying to open up the eye area can be
achieved with the use of well placed toxins into specific muscles.
Furthermore dermal filler such as Restylane can be placed in the brow,
temple and lateral forehead to give an non surgical brow lift, results
typically last 6-12 months. Prices range from £175 to £600.
2. Heavy upper eyelids and excessive skin- typically this becomes more of
an issue as we age, however for some, heavy eyelids is a hereditary feature.
In some clients surgical intervention is the best option, often when non
surgical treatments have been exhausted or are no longer as effective. In
recent times though Plexr Plasma soft surgery has become a popular choice
for the right candidate, it is a minor non invasive procedure with roughly a
week’s downtime. Treatments typically cost £500, clients normally require two
sessions, 3 months apart and last 18 months to 2 years.
3. Dynamic horizontal lines around the eyes and vertical deep lines to
the frown – These issues are caused by the overuse of muscles to the eye
area and frowning. There are not necessarily caused by the ageing process,
but rather stronger muscle and lifestyle habits. Staring at computer screens
and phones cause our eye muscles to be used more. Also frowning due to
thinking, expressing displeasure and as a way of shielding our eyes from
strong bright lights are all factors. For some individuals toxins work perfectly,
others are better with a light dermal filler, some individuals need a
combination of both due to severity of the wrinkles in question. Prices start
from £175 – £300.

Treatment of the month
Now the summer has gone lots of clients are feeling the affects especially to
the back. Not only is it a hard area to treat yourself, it also is prone to mild
bacterial outbreaks, congestion, rough dead skin cells and pigmentation.
Treat yourself to a back peeling agent to combat all of the above and feel
fresher price £150.
A study found that men and women rate a person’s eyes more important than other facial features when seeking for a potential partner.