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Face of Fitness Semi Permanent Make up Artist

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Introducing Emma Brook Semi Permanent Make up artist, fantastic service and amazing results!

As a facial expert I highly advise clients to get brow definition to help frame the face, and is essential for getting the best out of muscle relaxing injections, over plucked and asymmetry are all problems that can be corrected so easily, furthermore the lip liner is a fabulous add on to lip dermal filler treatments.

Eyebrows £295
Eyeliner and Eyelash enhancement
Top and bottom £225
Top or bottom £175
Lip definition and colour
Lip liner £200
Lip blush £250
Full lip colour £295
Beauty spot £50
Refreshers and re touch £100-£175

Tel no 07951738286
Facebook / faceoffitnessUK
Twitter @EmmajaneBrook


Acids that help the Skin

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

When we think of acid and the skin in the same sentence, somehow, it doesn’t seem quite right, however some acidic solutions on the skin can be really helpful with improving some tough skin concerns. Cleopatra was onto something when she used milk to bathe in. As expensive as this treatment was in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra recognised that the milk did something for her skin. French and English aristocracy also indulged in milk baths in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

Now we know exactly what milk did for their skin to make it such a revered beauty treatment. The natural lactic acid found in milk is a form of alpha-hydroxy-acid (an ingredient which can be found in some of the most expensive exfoliating products in the world). This type of acid gently dissolves proteins to exfoliate dead skin cells, which reveal fresh, younger looking skin underneath . Acid based products not only help anti-ageing, they can help acne, scarring,rosacea and pigment too.

Salicylic, Azeliac and Glycolic acid can all help control acne and the re occurrence of outbreaks, Azeliac has some antibacterial, and anti inflammatory properties and is a useful Alternative to benzoyl peroxide as it is less irritating. Salicylic acid treats acne by reducing swelling and redness and unplugging blocked skin pores to allow pimples to shrink. , Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliant. Freshly exfoliated skin tends to have a healthy glow. Skin looks softer and smoother. Long term use of Glycolic acid skin care products has been shown to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. It also helps smooth out uneven facial tone and can even reduce the appearance of surgical scars, acne scars, and other blemishes.and helps to unclog blocked pores and reduces Inflamed skin.

If you want to have good-looking skin, try getting rid of some of it. Specifically, you can do without those old dead cells that have migrated from the deep layers of your skin to the epidermis, the skin’s top layer. Normally, our skin sheds those dead cells after they’ve reached the epidermis — a new skin cell remains part of our skin for about a month before it flakes off — but what doesn’t flake away can make your complexion look dull and rough, and even interferes with the secretion of oil from your pores, causing blemishes . Regular exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells, help keep pores clean and improve blood circulation, which will give your skin a healthy, more youthful glow. Exfoliation also helps your moisturiser to get into the skin and helps hydration of the skin.


Volume loss in the face affects all ages!

Monday, May 27th, 2013


We often associate volume loss and sagging to the face in older people. However other factors such as weight loss, extreme dieting and exercising, running often or otherwise known as ‘joggers jowl!, stress or illness such as malaria can all cause this sunken look to the face.

Above is a photo of Emma Brook who is an amazing fitness model and one of my clients, due to her extreme body fat loss for competitions she looses her cheek definition and temple volume which can make her look tired. An important part of her competitions means that facially she also has to look good, so I have devised a volumising program using Sculptra and muscle relaxing injections, last year after only 7 months after training she won in Miami and gained her Miami pro card, she will be competing in Las Vegas in August. Well done Emma x


Before treatments


After treatments

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Dream Makeover Essex Eleasha’s Transformation

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


Here is the second lucky winner of dream makeover essex , Eleasha Newberry,

Frances Furlong of Perfect Skin gave her the following skin and facial balance treatments,

Six glycolic peels to help reduce acne and oily skin,
Derma roller treatments , 2 sessions to help with scars, open pores and help boost the skin and make it glow,
Muscle relaxing injections to frown and forehead to lift brow and open eye area

Restylane lip dermal filler to reshape and hydrate the lips naturally,
Perlane dermal fillers to help smooth the chin area and give a better definition and balance

Suisse Absolue skin care daily, cleanser pure, serum pure, cream soft, eye vital and SPF 50 Heliocare gel

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Eleasha with the fantastic Jeff Brazier at the reveal night,
Photography by memorable portraits

Dream Makeover Essex Caroline’s amazing Transformation

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


Here is the third lucky winner of Dream makeover Essex Caroline McKenna,

Perfect Skin Frances Furlong treated her with the following treatment plan,

Three sessions of Intense pulsed light treatments at the De Ja Vu clinic Chingford to help reduce rosacea which is an inflammatory skin disease which causes red broken capillaries mainly to the cheek, chin and nose area, heat and flushing to the skin also.

Muscle relaxing injections to the frown line and crows feet to lift the brow and open the eye are

Restylane lip volume to the lip area to redefine, refresh and give the mouth a more youthful natural enhancement

Perlane filler to the nose to mouth lines and chin are to help smooth out the area and give a youthful shape to the chin and lower face

Suisse Absolue skincare daily to enhance, treat and protect the skin, cleanser hydra, serum hydra, cream medium, eye vital and SPF 50 Heliocare gel


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Caroline with Jeff Brazier at the reveal night, photography by memorable portraits ltd

Dream makeover Keith’s Transformation

Sunday, March 24th, 2013


Last October 2012 I joined the fantastic dream makeover essex team to help transform 3 individuals , here are the amazing results,

Keith had the following treatments with me,

Dermal roller treatments to help boost collagen and make the skin more youthful and hydrated,
Dermal fillers from Restylane and Emervel to lift lower face and help to lift frown lines,
Muscle relaxing injections to soften lines to the eye and forehead area

Daily Suisse Absolue skincare cleanser hydra, serum vital, cream vital, eye vital and SPF 50 gel Heliocare all available on perfect skin online shop

He also received a smile makeover from Ash Parmar smile design by Ash, laser vision correction from Mr Pillal AVC vision, hair by Mark Zoology, beauty from Karen at Mode, personal training from Lisa Body Perfect, styling from Annelise Dean, photography from Azeem at Capture photography



With Jeff Brazier who hosted the reveal night at The Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey 21st March 2013

Keloid scar care

Saturday, March 9th, 2013


Managing clients with hypertrophic (raised) or Keloid scarring can be difficult to manage and treat, redness, hardness, elevation, itch and pain are all common symptoms.

At perfect skin we find a combination approach is best, steroid injections, derma roller treatments and now kelo-cote which is a topical silicone gel, it helps to gently soften and smooth and flatten raised scars it should be applied twice a day to clean dry skin, for up to 3 months.

The formation of scars is a natural part of the healing process that occurs when the skin repairs wounds.

Derma Pen Helps with Acne Scarring

Monday, February 11th, 2013


I can report that the new derma pen from Inspira is providing my clients with amazing results for acne scars, tired under eyes and moderate lines and wrinkles on the face. In addition I suggest at home daily skincare from Suisse Absolue, neostrata and Heliocare for maximum results, call now for your consultation.

Acne scarring and pitted skin

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Perfect skin can help you with all types of scarring, for acne sufferers although having the spots is bad, when the infection clears its sometimes worse to live with the impact of the scarring to the skin. Leading to low self confidence and low self esteem. Treatments such as chemical peeling, dermal fillers, volumising fillers, skin needling and Mesotherapy can all help to repair and rebuild the skin, revealing a more confident you

France’s Furlong RGN BSC hons Inp studied at Grennwich university and specialised in acne and acne scarring, she understands the impact that acne and scarring causes. For a professional and caring consultation call free at any of the eight clinics in Essex, London and Suffolk



Lips that look healthy and more defined

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Clients often worry about lip enhancements , celebrities that have had too much filler or some of the horror stories associated with lip filler, I can offer natural enhanced lips without looking strange or scary. Restylane volume and refresh are two great products that can help with all types of lip complaints, this lady in the photo wanted more fullness and definition and this was achieved with restyling volume 1ml