Perfect Skin – Beauty and Skincare treatments in Essex and London


Here is the third lucky winner of Dream makeover Essex Caroline McKenna,

Perfect Skin Frances Furlong treated her with the following treatment plan,

Three sessions of Intense pulsed light treatments at the De Ja Vu clinic Chingford to help reduce rosacea which is an inflammatory skin disease which causes red broken capillaries mainly to the cheek, chin and nose area, heat and flushing to the skin also.

Wrinkle Treatments to the frown line and crows feet to lift the brow and open the eye are

Restylane lip volume to the lip area to redefine, refresh and give the mouth a more youthful natural enhancement

Perlane filler to the nose to mouth lines and chin are to help smooth out the area and give a youthful shape to the chin and lower face

Suisse Absolue skincare daily to enhance, treat and protect the skin, cleanser hydra, serum hydra, cream medium, eye vital and SPF 50 Heliocare gel


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Caroline with Jeff Brazier at the reveal night, photography by memorable portraits ltd