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Say Goodbye to the Three Most Common Facial Problems and Expressions

Over the last sixteen years I have worked in aesthetic medicine treatments have advanced, products have become more high-tech and the public and media still demand more and exciting treatment program’s which are both effective and have little down time. It has become far more
acceptable to want to look your best and the majority of people seeking out these treatments still want to look natural, but less tired looking. The three most common reasons for people considering treatments are frown lines or ‘looking angry’, weak thin lips or ‘sad mouth syndrome’ and finally
under eye circles or ‘ tired eyes’. Here are some options on the right way to treat these conditions.

Angry Frown Lines

Charles Darwin described the primary act of frowning as the furrowing of the brow which leads to a rise in the upper lip and a down-turning of the corners of the mouth. While the appearance of a frown varies culturally, there appears to be some degree of universality to the recognition of the frown as a negative facial expression. A frown (also known as a scowl) is a facial expression in which the eyebrows are brought together, and the forehead is wrinkled, usually indicating

displeasure, sadness or worry, or less often confusion or concentration. The mouth expression is also commonly referred to in the colloquial English phrase “turn that frown upside down” which
indicates changing from sad to happy.

The easiest way to lessen these lines is by using a muscle relaxing injection which will stop your muscles contracting so strongly which in turn stops you creating lines and wrinkles. Some
individuals can have a sugar molecule dermal filler to help soften this expression and in some cases a combination of the two depending on the severity. I also offer a natural alternative that mimics the effects of Wrinkle Treatments, so there is a treatment to suit everyone.


This is a big problem for individuals, hollow under eye area, eye bags and dark circles are hard to conceal and are often met by people commenting on how tired you look despite having a good night’s sleep! It can really affect a person’s confidence. There are many causes, losing fat from the face through diet or the ageing process or ill-health. Hereditary problems like fat pads collecting under the eye resulting in eye bags. For some it can be a sign of deficiency of vitamin K
which is essential for your blood to clot. It also strengthens the walls of your capillaries, which
prevents them from leaking blood. A vitamin K deficiency not only impairs the formation of blood clots but also causes you to become more susceptible to bruising when capillaries break. The blood the broken capillaries release is no longer oxygenated, causing it to form a discolouration under your eyes. Allergies, lack of sleep or fatigue can also be causes as well as vitamins, iron
deficiency and dehydration!


For some individuals surgery is the only answer to address problems such as fat pads or
excessive skin to the eye area. Dermal fillers are great for lifting out a hollow sunken eye. Derma pen and Mesotherapy vitamin and anti-ageing cocktails are great for strengthening loose crepey under eye skin to give a youthful and smoother appearance. In some cases helping to rebuild the apple of the cheek can help to lift and support sunken eyes. Laser treatments are great for dark circles caused by dilated blue veins and daily vitamins such as vitamin K cream, vitamin C serum to help dark circles are also beneficial. If we lack in certain vitamins then daily supplements or the popular celebrity vitamin B12 shot can really help and increase energy and circulation.

Sad Mouth

The psychology of a down turned mouth as described by Ekmen and Friesson (1975)
predominantly is linked with sadness. A tendency to associate the corners of the mouth with a miserable look is a negative expression and makes individuals feel and look older. The ageing of the mouth structure is a common problem for those who want to look youthful and happy. We lose the outline of our lip border, the excessive use of muscles around the mouth can lead to the
appearance of so called smokers lines – whether we have smoked or not, or the pursed lip


The easiest way to help this area is by using a dermal filler to give back naturally the structure and shape of the mouth. Going slowly and using the right types of products will give you a fresh and youthful, less miserable look.


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