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The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons believes the lax regulations surrounding dermal fillers and other cosmetic procedures has allowed a ‘cowboy market’ to flourish.

They have proposed the following six point plan to help consumers get the best,

1. Ban all advertising of cosmetic surgery

2. Re -establish an implant register for breasts, calves buttocks etc.

3. re -classify dermal fillers as medicines, this will ensure that cheap fillers with little clinical data will be banished.

4. Compulsory registration of practitioners in aesthetic medicine and lasers

5. Mandatory safety audits

6. Re validation and mystery shopping in Ce market

furthermore clamp down on remote prescribing, only independent nurse prescribers, doctors and dentists can treat clients. The Nmc do not support nurses who go against there code, ensure you check that your nurse is an independent nurse prescriber