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Acne Scarring before and afterMicro Needling The differences between Professional Medical Grade and at Home treatments

Derma roller or Micro needling is one of the most versatile skin treatments in the UK, it is suitable for men and women of all ages and suits most skin types

It’s a process which involves rolling the specially designed instrument over the skin to create a series of tiny little pricks. The derma roller or micro-needling device is made up of a barrel or a stamp with numerous pins on the surface which serve to create multiple tiny and minor wounds. The act of wounding the skin kick-starts its repair processes for a series of benefits:
skin tightening
collagen production
cell renewal

However there is a lot of confusion on the different depths in which the skin is penetrated by the needles and this will ultimately give you a different skin response and result. It is impossible to stimulate collagen that can help moderate to deep wrinkles and acne scars with at home shorter needles like 0.2 mm to 1 mm depths and this, leads some clients to think that derma rollers are ineffective or give disappointing results.

The Home Care derma roller serves the following purposes:
– To enhance the penetration of skin creams and serums into the skin.
– To enhance and support results between professional Dermaroller treatments by stimulating epidermal cells for faster epidermis renewal and thicker epidermal cell layers.

However I personally believe that creams or exfoliatimg agents that contain Aha’s or micro polishes give the same effect without using needles. The problem is with needles is that they become blunt so after a few days of use they can cause more harm then good. Furthemore there is a possibility of it becoming contaminated with micro organisms in the same way as make up brushes that are not cleaned.

The dermis is composed of three types of tissue that are present throughout, they are not in layers. The types of tissue are:

elastic tissue
reticular fibers

The thickest skin on face is on the chin & cheeks and even in these areas it will not be any thicker than only 1.62 mm. This also means there is no need to be using derma roller longer than 1.5 mm in any facial area. At 1.5 mm the needles are touching the dermis Generally 2mm and 3 mm rollers are used in body rejuvenation to help tighten the skin, smooth the appearance of cellulite and improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Furthemore choosing a derma roller treatment with a trained professional has a series of additional benefits:
– Trained expert
– Derma roller device with titanium needles and sterile.
– Single use application so no blunt needles!
– More intensive treatment with deeper penetration.
– Skilful and even application of the roller, with focus on specific areas as required.
– Use of local anaesthetic cream where necessary which can only be a medical practitioner.

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Benefits of injected hyaluronic acid dermal fillers versus temporary topical products for lines and wrinkle reduction

Youthful skin is rich in Hyaluronic acid (HA) a substance that binds water, hydrates the skin and promotes all important softness and fullness . But as we age the HA in our skin gradually becomes less efficient and leads to loss of volume and the tell tale signs of aging. Restylane and Emervel products give an effective and natural helping hand.

Downside of temporary crows feet and wrinkle creams and serum relaxers are they often turn dry and flaky after application so hard to use with make up,and are only a short term fix, where’s as dermal fillers sit in the skin and hold there shape from 6-12 months