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minimize the toll on your skin over the next few months by preparing now.

2. Keep your shower time as brief as possible and use lukewarm, not hot, water. As this is a recipe for dry irritated skin

3 Switch to less aggressive, moisture-rich soaps made for sensitive skin, such as those made by Dove and Aveeno.

3. Gently pat yourself dry to avoid traumatizing or overdrying the skin.

4. Apply moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp.

5 bespoke personalised serums that suit your skin type can really help as they penetrate deeper into the skin and help to ease and smooth tight, dry and hypersensitive skin types.

6 for a rich skin clinic treatment , Mesotherapy vitamins and Restylane skin boosters work so well by giving dry skin and in built moisture system that lasts 6 months and will see you through the winter months

7 If your skin does flare up, choose soft, breathable fabrics, like cotton, instead of itchy woolens or polyester. Loose-fitting clothing will also help to keep your skin from chafing and becoming irritated by perspiration. Keep away from woolly scarves direct,yon your bare skin as it can irritate certain skin conditions.
8 try to Stay healthy, eat well and take supplements to boost you as psoriasis and eczema involve immune system responses. Many, experts believe that bacterial, viral, or fungal infections can make them worse

9 Winter also brings a decrease in the amount of sun exposure—not a good thing since sunlight can help relieve psoriasis. Phototherapy is a good treatment for the winter months



Perfect Skin launches oxynergy Paris bespoke serums

As my clients already now I provide a holistic bespoke treatment plan for their specific needs, I am excited to announce that I am launching personalised serums which are tailored made for each client. A short questionnaire is compelted firstly and any combinational of the elixirs are blended specifically for you. The great thing is , once you have compleated the first bottle we can reassess the skin each time to suit your skin needs at the particular time, like changing our clothes every season our skin requirements change too.

‘The concept of personalised skincare is to design and create a serum for each individual person. It will suit the skin perfectly, correct imperfections and meet expectations.