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Hello ladies yes the summer will soon be here fingers crossed! Getting ready for the beach can be a pain, with workouts, healthy eating all putting us under strain! My new cellulite and body contouring treatment is ideal for perfecting your hard work, furthermore treatments such as hypoxi launched recently at the caci clinic Hornchurch can help you loose that extra weight. Mesotherapy and body rollers can help you achieve your ideal goal, see for more information.

Facts about cellulite

1. It appears in 90 % of post-adolescent women and rarely seen in men

2. cellulite is not related to obesity, it is seen in normal and thin women.

3. it is caused by toxins building up in the body and becoming trapped, also the lymphatic system which drains the toxins becomes sluggish and impaired

4.hormones are responsible for regulating the changes in blood flow, lymphatic drainage, fat and connective tissue, which plays a large role in cellulite formation, yes ladies we are all ruled by our hormones I’m afraid!

‘Even though i went to the gym regularly and ate healthy most of the time, i still had areas of stubborn cellulite, after the mesotherapy and body roller course i couldn’t believe the difference. My old lady wrinkled bottom was smoother and tighter. I know i will never be a Cheryl Cole body double, but i look fab and far more confident. Ready to hit the beach in April with my husband and children, without the shame of a wobbling bottom!

Sally J chingford