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holistic.jpgThis month I will focus on specific issues that can make you look older and quick fixes that can improve your Imperfections without breaking the bank


These negative and ageing wrinkles are caused by overuse of the strong muscles in this area. As opposed to the ageing process. When these lines start to appear faintly it is time to try to prevent them getting any worse. A quick, effective and the only treatment to hibernate muscle over activity is by the administration of Wrinkle Treatments , lasting around 4-6 months, results can be seen between 4-14 days.


Loss of volume to the lip border and the vanishing of the strong vermillion border ( lip edge) is a clear sign of ageing, add to this lifestyle choices such as smoking, will result in verticle lines on the upper outer lip edge. An effective treatment choice is a dermal filler that derives from a sugar molecule, it subtly restores the lip outline and gently volumising poses and restores lost moisture. In conjunction a finer dermal filler can be used to address the verticle lip lines to give you the mouth and lips you used to have. Results can be seen instantly and lasts anywhere from 6-12 months.


A lot of my clients assume that this problem is due to excessive fat, but almost 70% can get an improvement by addressing the slack muscle area under the chin and jowl area by considering muscle relaxing Injections. It helps by lifting the appearance of the dreaded turkey neck and can sharpen the jaw line effectively.


If you are sick of being told you look tired and washed out, then consider a dermal filler placed strategically to help lift the hollow rings under the eye area and see results almost immeadiately. For those suffering with the dreaded blue vessel tinge u dear the eyes Aswell as puffiness, then perfect skins bespoke eye contour meso- derm treatment could be right for you. Normally three sessions are advised , but my clients already see results even after a single session.

Fatty lumps and bumps on the face and body

As we age we get more prone to fatty lumps and skin tags on the face and body, it’s generally associated with older people so I see why so many of my clients want them removed ASAP. By using the latest Cryopen technology we can quickly get rid of these unsightly blemishes and give you back the clear complexion you crave. Results can be achieved within a couple of weeks post treatment in most individuals.


For an instant fix the day before an important event try the stimulator glow peel, does not dry the skin and gives it an illuminating glow to give you the Hollywood A lister glow, requires no skin preparation and is suitable for all skin types and colours.
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