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imageWhat’s Ageing you? – the cause, how to prevent and how to fix!

Forehead and frown lines

The cause – repeated squinting at your laptop, phone and the television causes you to frown and overtime will deepen the line between your brows. Furthermore a dropped brow or very expressive individuals will make constant raising of the eyebrows which In turn generate deep horizontal wrinkles.

Prevention – keep up to date with your glasses or contact lens prescription so you are not straining the muscles around the orbital area. Use sun protection to stop rapid depletion of your collagen and stop smoking!

Quick fix – Wrinkle Treatments are a quick and relatively pain free Way to subtly relax the muscles that causes the lines, but maintain your natural expression, looking lifted, less tired and fresher.

Surgical Fix – surgical removal of the frown muscles to lift the brow, however it is not as common these days as the injections work well.

2. Nose to Mouth folds

The cause- over the years the fat on the cheek pad starts to slide South, fat is held well the central area, this in turn causes the heavy grove or line and the natural youthful v shape becomes a down turned v , making us look older, tired and in some people quite grumpy looking!

Prevention – avoid yo yo dieting, excessive weight loss is a big factor. Also sleeping on the same side every night can make that particularly line look heavy , try to sleep on your back.

Quick fix – Hyaluronic acid fillers are a great way to lessen the depth of these lines and restore the apple volume you loose opinion your face over time, don’t be worried about the pillow faced look, when fillers are done naturally and put into where you have lost the volume they will look natural and you will look healthy and refreshed.

Surgical fix – in some cases a mid face lift in required to help lift and re suspend the fat on the cheek pad, but will always be combined with dermal fillers afterwards.

3 thin sinking lips

The cause – we loose the vermillion border of our lips due to the ageing process , smoking and weight loss also contribute to aged lips.

Prevention – pursing your lips when smoking, drinking out of a sports water bottle, drinking through straws all cause the same action. Some people just purse the lips as there natural expression without even thinking about it!

Quick Fix -‘lip plumping glosses can give you a quick fix for a couple of hours as long as you don’t mind the tingling sensation

Non surgical fix – hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like Restylane are a great way of redefining the outline of the lip, gentle and natural volumising if needed in the body also results lasts up to a year.

4 pigmentation and skin texture
The cause – people with dry skin need to work harder as skin will look older than that of oily skin types. The use of sunbeds, smoking , lack of water all can contribute to dry, mottled rough textured skin with enlarged pores and moderate wrinkles.

Prevention – use a high spf especially to your face, don’t be afraid to go into the sun, just be safe! Drink plenty of water and use skincare products that co gain high quantities of active ingredients, look for hyaluronic acid, peptides, lipids, ahas, Retin a all nourish and repair the skin.

Quick fix – light glycolic, combined peels give a quick immeadiate glow, with results getting better throughout a course of treatments, diathermy to get rid of unsightly broken veins on the face.

Non surgical fix – for deeper results that lasts, skin needling, intense pulsed light and restylane skin boosters all dramatically change the skin, youthful , plump skin.