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IMG_8623This. Month is all about the a-z of health and beauty tips, simple changes and positive steps can make really big changes to our skin, health and mental well being to ensure you start 2017 in the best possible way? Winter can be tough on our bodies but a few simple lifestyle changes can help us to stay healthy, happy and ready for the year ahead!

This month features A-L don’t miss next month’s m-z!
A – Anti Ageing we often assume that we have to go under the knife to look youthful, however subtle natural changes to a tired dull skin tone, using vitamin skin serums that our bespoke to your needs and wearing SPF daily even during winter will make you look more youthful and more importantly protect you from daily ageing uv rays.

B- BReak a sweat, it’s so important to exercise for your all over well being, but we often think of exercise as attending the gym, brisk walks for 20. Mins a day gives our mind and bodies the boost we need as its something most of us can do easily, if you have mobility issues then swimming is the ideal fitness choice and really helps soothe aching joints.

If your Drawn towards stodgy comfort food in winter, You’re not alone. But there are plenty of ways to fill up with nutritious, healthy food without putting on weight. Warming stews and soups will help you get your five-a-day while seeing off hunger

D- Defying Gravity, during the ageing process we loose fat from our faces and we get loose skin and the dreaded jowling. I have devised an excellent combination approach using dermal fillers to naturally replace lost volume and using Wrinkle Treatments to lift the jaw line and turkey neck,

E- Early signs of ageing ‘ , looking after your skin in your teens and early 20’s will mean you are ahead of the game as far as ant ageing goes- wearing a daily SPF like heliocare gel which is non comonegenic so won’t give you spots, helps to fight daily uv damage, dont pick your spots, invest in a good antibacterial cleanser like inspiration med prime cleanser which has a blend of glycolic and sallicylic acids to reduce inflammation, clean the skin and pores and promotes collagen boosting.

F- Fatty deposits, it’s so frustrating when you eat well and work out. Yet certain parts of your body cling on to fat and spoils your overall look. I often get clients who are slim but hold fat under there chin area, mesotherapy fat reducing injections can really help, other common areas are above the knees, love handles, bra strap line and inner thighs.

G – Good nights sleep while the run up to Christmas and New Year can be a whirlwind of late nights and early mornings, don’t forget the importance of sleep. “Make sure you get your eight hours, when you can to get a full body and mind recharge
Loving the new Fitbit watch and App that assess how well you sleep each night!

H – hair loss in women – a very distressing problem., Telogen effluvium ( shredding of hair) from fade diets, age related deterioration and early female pattern hair loss can respond well to multivitamins or specific hair supplements such as viviscal. It’s a,ways best to seek professional advice from a specialist to get the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

I- is for invest in good skin products. Please do not be fooled but extremely high priced products, instead look for brands that contain higher concentrates of the right ingredients for your specific skin concerns. Inspiration med has just launched magic spheres serums which are fabulous, or for a real bespoke serum go for Oxynergy Paris personalised serum to suit you perfectly.

J – Jasmine Tea. The scent of jasmine promotes a sense of well-being and calm. Jasmine tea, with its delicate but exotic scent, is soothing to your spirit as soon as you smell it being brewed. STRESS and u healthy skin go hand in hand , look for calming teas like chamomile and teas rich inantuoxidants like green tea. A simple and effectively daily add on that won’t break the bank.

K – keep your glow, regular mild skin peels like the Zoe Obadiah stimulator peel is a red carpet treatment in Hollywood! Exfoliate and add natural skin brighter creams and serums to your existing regime like vitamin c, co q10 and vitamin a.

L look after yourself this year, do things that make you happy and STRESS free, make a plan to keep on top of all your health needs, regularly dental check ups and hygiene appointments, mole checks , blood pressure monitoring and blood tests that can indicate deficiencies in the body. Don’t just accept things like being tired all the time, or overlook changes to skin lesions after all . Prevention is better than cure