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imageSymptoms of rosacea, could you be suffering from it?

Rosacea mainly affects the centre of the face, cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

Ocular manifestations can occur such as irritation, watery or bloodshot eye, sensitivity to light

Scaling and roughness to the skin can be evident, try using Obagi cebatrol pads, my clients find them amazing

An increased blood flow in the skin and vasodilation of the vessels causing broken veins, redness and flushing

Caucasian people are the most likely to suffer with the condition, often referred to as ‘ the curse of the celts’

Early intervention and a medical review can help to control and maintain your symptoms

Association of triggers such as spicy foods, alcohol, dairy products, exposure to prolonged UV, saunas, steam and stress.

Perfect Skin can offer treatments such as medications, topical cosmeceuticals, laser, IPL and peeling which can all help control and maintain rosacea symptoms.