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Clients are loving the results from restylane volume and restylane refresh dermal fillers, my client in the attached photo, needed more shape and definition so this was achieved with 1ml restylane volume,Wrinkle Treatments to achieve a lovely natural pout, price £400 and results last around 6 -8 months

Hyaluronic acid is found in our bodies naturally, restylane products are made from a sugar so need to worry about animal products!

Reasons why lips age loose there shape,

Lip tissue is different from the skin in the rest of the face. The soft tissue of the lips is constantly subject to mechanical stress due to high muscle activity and pressure from the surrounding environment.

In addition, the lip mucosa does not retain water in the same way as other skin tissue, nor does it
contain the same amount of glands or pigmentation as skin in the rest of the face, the lips are more susceptible to dehydration.