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This month I will focus on treatments to help with Post Holiday Repair issues to the face and body. I often see clients really going to town with looking their best prior to their holiday, working out at the gym and body brushing to look the best they can on the beach, but unfortunately a week or two in the sun can undo some of our hard work. We typically tend to be less active, indulge more in food and alcoholic drinks, as well as soaking up the sun to get a glowing tan, so here are some quick fix tips to get you back on track!

1- Weight gain in localised areas and bloating

Excessive indulgence in richer foods and alcohol in conjunction with a more sedentary lifestyle
almost always equates to weight gain, sluggish digestive system and bloating.

Home treatment – A three day detox juice cleanse can really help with bloating and help you lose a few pounds to help you kickstart a return to a healthier way of life. There are also some great apps for simple and quick workouts at home, ideal for those who aren’t fans of the gym, have young children or who don’t simply have the time. Burn off those extra calories and kick start your

Clinic treatment – Mesotherapy is a great way of helping to blast fat cells in localised areas and to help smooth out dimpled skin, typically 3-5 treatments given every week can really help. It also
helps speed up the lymphatic system and improves a sluggish system. Colonic irrigation is a good way of cleansing the bowel and helps flatten the stomach, used in conjunction with probiotics
to boost your immune system.

2-Post holiday spots/acne

The sun, sea and sand although great for the sun-kissed glow we seek can cause over secretion of our oil producing glands in the hot and often humid climates chosen as popular holiday
destinations. A combination of oil excess and pore blockage by thick sunscreen, sand and often lack of sleep with late nights can cause post holiday acne.

Home Treatment: Gentle face wash with glycolic and salicylic acid and pre soaked face pads at night to deeply clean and smooth the skin. Combine this with non comedogenic moisturisers.

Clinic treatment – One or two light skin peels can really help clean the skin and reduce acne and new red scars, also helps to lift any new sun damage, gives the skin a real healthy glow. In some cases a prescription for antibiotics can also be given depending on the severity.

2. Dry lack lustre hair
Swimming in the sea or even in chlorinated swimming pools can strip the essential oils from our hair, which give’s it it’s healthy lustrous shine.

Home Treatment: A deep conditioning treatment to repair the frazzled out hair cortex and restore its natural shine and lustre. Find a hair mask that suits your hair, anything from Aussie hair mask miracle up to brands like Kerastase will all help, use weekly for 6 weeks also specialist masks from Balmain can be good for hair extensions.

3. Dry skin
Our skin in warm humid climates tends to retain its moisture however skin irritants found out doors such as sand or chemicals in skin care products combined with a climate our skin isn’t used to can result in dry skin or a flare of eczema.

HomeTreatment: By using a heavier moisturiser than you’re used to i.e. thicker creams, ointments or balms you can replenish the lost oil from your stratum corneum (outer layer of the skin). Also opt for serums containing hyaluronic acid to help plump the skin and diminish fine wrinkles.

Clinic treatment- Mesotherapy to the face, neck and décolletage involves micro Injections of
vitamins, minerals, peptides and anti ageing elixirs to help nourish and repair the skin. Have a
session once a week for three weeks and see the skin transform. For deeper in built hydration Restylane have an amazing skin booster called vital, three sessions are needed 4 weeks apart, can be used on the face or body, helps to repair and smooth out dry and wrinkled skin.

Basal cell carcinoma detection

Cause – over exposure to the sun and sunbeds, more common in fairer skin types.

Signs – starts as a small lump or spot that doesn’t heal and grows in size over several years.
Appears to have a pearl like or shiny look, the middle is often sunken.

Treatment superficial bcc’ scan be treated with cryotherapy or cutterage. For larger lesions surgery may be the answer. Catching these lesions early will help to reduce the scar size post surgery.image