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Post Holiday Repair Treatments and Advice

At this time of year I find a lot of patients coming to clinic wanting treatments to help reverse and heal the damage caused by sun exposure. The healthy tan has now faded and the unwanted effects on the skin are now clearly visible. It’s the prime time now to start face peels, laser and In tense pulsed light courses aswell as hydrating fillers and Mesotherapy treatments to repair, revive and bring an autumn glow to our face and body. You are noticing the crows feet have deepened through squinting in the sun and the fine lines are now showing,
Here at Perfect Skin we like to offer ‘TWEAKMENTS ‘instead of full face makeover Treatments, small changes can give you a natural and subtle enhancement, softening crows feet, hydrating the skin and lifting the corners of the mouth are small changes with maximum impact.

Pigmentation Peeling

There are lots of different peeling agents, we tailor. the right solution for you, taking into consideration your aims, lifestyle, age and skin type. Generally six sessions are needed and home creams may be recommended. Don’t forget to treat your declotege area as the chest shows the signs of a lot of skin damage as does the backs of the hands, say goodbye to unsightly age spots

Intense pulsed light

These treatments are ideal for reducing redness and brown spots caused by over exposure to the sun, it can also be used in conjunction with diathermie u to help coagulate and remove unsightly thread veins affecting the nose and cheek area, recently I have seen an increase in patients asking for treatment to the chest area where broken capillaries and red blemishes known as Campbell de Morgan spots which can spoil a skin tone but can easily be removed.

Decollate and hand renewal

Both of these areas age quickly when not looked after, and can often give a persons age away despite them treating there face and neck areas, apply your serums and creams to these areas on a daily basis, as most of us show these areas daily and expose to uv! Using treatments that help eliminate creepiness can result in a firmer and more youthful skin tissue dermal fillers like Restylane and Radiesse can really help.

post summer adjustments to facial crepiness often seen on the cheek , around the eye and the lower lateral part of the face can make people feel a lot older , here are two possible solutions-

Restylane vital is a great way of helping these lines and isle really better in patients 30 s – 50s it works by hydrating, lift and rejuvenate

Radiesse is a perfect 3:1 dermal filler which lifts, co tours and rejuvenates the face, older clients really benefit as it helps with more advanced aging of the skin, however I use it in you ger patients as a more natural wY of achieving a more defined cheek area without looking too overfilled.

(Please put this section in a box of its own as its a step by step guide – quiz type)

Proportion and harmony in the face, (title for the box)

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but according to various the University of Nebraska, a smaller nose and chin, along with a larger distance between the eyes and a smaller mouth width are deemed desirable traits for women. Females were proven to be seen as the fairer sex, rated more attractive by both men and women. Da Vinci himself recognised and understood the importance of measurements when he drew the famous Virtruvian man. The universally recognised number is 1.62 in natures symmetry.
So With the maths behind it, the symmetry of your face can be measured. The closer this number is to 1.62, the more beautiful it is judged to be subconsciously.

1 -The simplest measurement is the length of your face divided by the widest part of your face. The closer it is to 1.62 , the more beautiful the face is! However this is not the only consideration.

2- measure the face from the forehead hairline to a spot between the eyes, then the spot between the eyes to the bottom of the nose, p the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin, if al three parts are equal – again you will be deemed more beautiful.

3- Lastly, the length of an ear is equal to the length the nose, and the width of an eye is equal to the distance between the eyes.

Non surgical treatments ,can help with these ratios and proportions to make a face look more attractive, building g up a chin an relaxing it so it doesn’t curl up, building up the mouth area to give it symetry lifting a nose that tips down, maki h yes more open and wider are all clever tricks that can help you restore facial attractiveness.
I like to offer treatments that make you feel more confident, improve your self esteem and make you more attractive, afterall happy people that smile are contagious to us all ….