Perfect Skin – Beauty and Skincare treatments in Essex and London

Winter  dries out your skin because cold air lacks humidity and moisture. When skin is further exposed to dry, overheated air indoors, so there is no hope for your skin to hold on to moisture.

Here are three fantastic treatments to help beat dehydrated and dry skin-

1. Restylane vital hydrating filler can be used on the face, neck, backs of hands and chest, course of three needed given every month £175 per treatment , courses available £450

2. Intense treatment for hydration, lifting and firming the skin, Dermal roller and restylane vital combined, normally £475 but when given together  £350 a treatment, three treatments 6-8 weeks apart

3. Mesotherapy injections, combining, vitamins, skin firming and tensing injections, course of 5 given every two weeks £100 per treatment or course price £400 for 5.