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This uncomfortable and embarrassing co diction in which the face flushes and reddens is becoming more common . One of the issues with Rosacea is that it can be triggered by any type of extreme, weather hot or cold, wind or sunlight. I often discuss with my clients how imagethey are affected in certain conditions. One client describes her symptoms as ‘ A brisk cold day, with wind and sun is the perfect recipe for my skin to flare up’.

Rosacea typically appears on the face, cheeks, nose, chin and Inbetween the eyebrows, with reports of the person feeling like they are blushing. Whilst the technology of make up to conceal redness and even out skin tone is some co fort to female suffered, what about the unfortunate males who can’t conceal?

Normally we see tiny spidery blood vessels medically recovered to as telangiectasis. However there are so many more sub-types of the condition. Some will experience red/purple deep areas to the face, some have lumps or bumps, even pustular acne. Sever symptoms can result in a bulbous red nose, even the eye area can also become dry and irritated.

Research also shows that certain foods and drinks can aggravate the con diction, alcohol, spicy foods, cheese and yogurts. Generally all food that has a certain amount of histamine should be avoided if you have Rosacea.

Certain antibiotics namely the tetracycline family can be effective , com pounds similar to vitamin A, skin peels, treatment pads and creams, intense pulsed light and laser can all be helpful tools. Sunscreen and a hat is the best deterrent from avoiding flare ups in the hotter months, and avoiding being out in extreme weather for long periods can also help where possible.


According to research about 10 % of the population suffers some form of eczema, with the most com on type known as ‘ectopic eczema’ . This inflammatory skin condition can present with itchingg, redness and scaling..repeated rubbing and scratching of the areas affected can result in clients suffering with hypopigmentation ( white patches of skin) and also thickening of the skin which are both cosmetically undesired results

An important factor when dealing with eczema is to be aware of known allergens, patch testing where a sample of suspected irritants are applied to the body. After several days the skin response is noted and allergies are then diagnosed and avoided. Y the patient.
It is very common for clients to carry out there own online allergy testing , and whilst some are able to single out trigger products some have poor predictive value. So it’s better to have this test done by a qualified dermatologist. Strong chemicals within cleaning and washing detergents are often blamed as culprits , some would say there eczema is more manageble when using less chemically laden products.

The backbone of good eczema care is topical emollients which are regularly applied, in some cases a topical steroid cream can be a useful addition when symptoms have flared up


While the temperature is still chilly and we are living with heating drying out our skins the following treatments have been devised by Perfect skin .For those first time clients wanting to try something stronger than there usually treatment regime, for younger clients wanting to prevent ageing signs and for exsisting clients wanting to enhance and maintain results with dermal fillers and muscle relaxing Injections

Level 1 Perfect MESO GLOW PEEL

Medical grade peeling agent to smooth and soften the skin, refine the pores, combined with vitamins , anti ageing serums using a Mesotherapy technique to infuse products into the skin surface

Level 2 Perfect lift, boost and hydrate

This powerful cocktail of hyaluronic acid skin droplets to boost and refresh any part of the body, face, neck, chest, backs of the hands and above the knee area is the first step, then a bespoke cocktail of ant ageing Mesotherapy products to suit your particular concern is infused into the skin tissue followed by the final derma pen machine which intensifies the absorption a of these nutrients and stimulates collagen production , the results continue to for up to 6 weeks after a single session

Level 3 perfect power booster facial

A syringe of powerful skin booster vital filler , vitamins, anti ageing g and antioxidant agents for hydration to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, combined with a medical dermal roller and derma pen machine to focus on problematic areas on the skin.