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holistic.jpg STEP BY STEP Approach to Facial Enhancement

This month I would like to focus on a client case study, often when we see before and after images we have no idea on what treatments were involved in the results, how long it took and more
importantly what would be the realistic up-keep in maintaining these great results.


Client’s presenting problems

A 42 year old lady attends the clinic wanting advice on how to look younger and fresher, has never had aesthetic procedures before but knows that her current beauty facials are not enough. States that she is sick of people commenting on how tired she always looks. Feels that her make up does not look good when applied she also feels that she looks older than her real age. Admits to overuse of sunbeds and loves tanning on holiday. Does not have a skin regime as such.



Premature aged skin with obvious signs of photo damage, dilated red vessels especially on the nose and symptoms of photoageing:
Dyspigmentation and the formation of wrinkles around regions of skin commonly exposed to sun, namely the eyes, mouth and forehead.
-Spider veins on face and neck

Wrinkles on resting face to frown, forehead and around the crows feet area, making the brow flat and heavy rather than the more feminine slight arch.
Symptoms of photoageing attributed to prolonged exposure to UV:

-Wrinkles deepen and forehead frown lines can be seen even when not frowning.
– (spider veins) most commonly seen around the nose, cheeks and chin.
-Skin becomes leathery and laxity occurs.
-Solar lentigines (age spots) appear on the face and hands.
-Possibly pre-cancerous red and scaly spots (actinic keratoses) appear.

Volume loss to cheek area, giving little support to the lower face and a deflated balloon appearance. Loss of facial fat and lines and wrinkles can be easily treated with dermal fillers, with products that can plump up your skin and even stimulate your own collagen production, giving you back the volume you had in your face in your youth without a scalpel.

Weak lip border upper and lower making the lips look aged and allowing the mouth area to collapse inwards. Also a small scar to the lip due to a childhood accident also detracts from the aesthetic appearance of the mouth. Loss of colour and fullness in lips

Stage 3


1 To address photo aged skin, course of three derma rollers with light skin peels and Mesotherapy injections full of vitamins, amino acids, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Treatments to be given every 6 weeks apart and diathermy to help break down dilated vessels on the nose area.
Skin care regime, Suisse products cleanser hydra, serum vital, cream vital, eye vital and a daily SPF 30-50 – no sunbeds on the face!

2 Muscle relaxing Injections to frown, forehead and crows feet to smooth out and relax area, giving a more fresher, less tired look.

3 Dermal filler to support mid face and give a more defined, natural shape to the face, face looks plumper less deflated!

4 Using a small amount of dermal filler to reshape the outline of the mouth, stop lipstick bleeding, mouth looks more supported.

Stage 4

Maintenance Plan

1 After the initial three derma roller meso glow treatments, I suggested a single treatment every 4-6 months apart to maintain collagen. Nose veins usually can be maintained every year if she avoids sunbeds and continues to use the daily skin care and daily SPF protection to stop further environmental damage to the skin.
2 I would advise Wrinkle Treatments every four months in year 1 to train the muscles to relax, thereafter I find 75% of my clients can get to every 6 months apart.

3 Dermal fillers that help to volumise the cheeks can last anywhere from 10 months up to 14 months. I find clients who have collagen boosting treatments alongside their dermal fillers and Wrinkle Treatments tend to get longer out of their injectable products.

4 Dermal lip fillers can last 8-12 months, clients tend to hold it for longer in the vermillion border (outline of lip)