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Kissable, sensuous, youthful and plump lips appear to be the key words clients use when referring to how they would like their lip and mouth area to look.Therefore, It is essential to understand how the lip area ages and why certain structural changes occur. The lip and mouth area is exercised daily, talking, eating, smoking & chewing gum all work the muscles around the top lip known as orbicularis oculi and on the lower aspect the depressor anguli oris. Because of the muscle working hard, we see over time that in some individuals prominent vertical lines appear across the upper lip radiating from the base of the nose often referred to as ‘smokers lines’ regardless if you have smoked or not! These lines can span across the lower lip also.

In conjunction to this, the ageing process is responsible for the loss of the vermillion border which runs along the edge of the upper and lower lip. This gives the mouth a sharper, more defined outline and stops the dreaded lip stick bleed. In relation to treatment options, dermal fillers can really help to smooth out these vertical lines by plumping up the collagen depleted area. Plexr which is a plasma emission application, can help lessen the depth of the creases and smooth out the finer lines by lifting, shrinking and tightening the skin tissue. The edge of the lips is greatly rejuvenated with small amounts of filler, remember you don’t need to have bigger lips, the majority of lip clients just have the outline, which gives a youthful natural result.

When it comes to addressing the pull or sagging of the bottom lip, or the ‘cheer up love’ lines, again dermal filler placed in this area gives support and stops the corners of your mouth from drooping. In some clients certain toxins can help with excessive muscle movement, it works by relaxing the area and can benefit those who grind their jaw and teeth whilst sleeping.

Furthermore we need to consider the fact of loosing bone density as we age, our gums can recede and we become flatter on our upper lip, a longer space can become more noticeable between the base of the nose and the Cupid’s bow. By building up this area naturally it gives a more defined & younger lift to the mouth. When it comes to volume ‘never ask for someone else’s lips, they won’t fit your face and will not look natural’, what you were born with is what you should go with.

A weaker top lip with more volume and a lift to the Cupid’s bow will always help with facial balance, but an over exaggerated top lip will leave you looking like a caricature version of yourself. Your eyes should be your first feature to stand out on your face and then the mouth, if it’s the opposite way around you have gone too far and made the face imbalanced.

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1 The science – How does it work?

Micro needling is a natural skin rejuvenation method that is able to soften wrinkles and scars. The process creates hundreds of microscopic ‘ pinpricks’ to activate your body’s wound healing process. As your skin heals it uses your own collagen to fill the valleys of wrinkles and scars naturally.

2 Benefits – who is suitable? All individuals over the age of 18 (or 16 with parental consent) who want to improve acne scars, open pores or wrinkles. It is safe to use on all skin types, but not for those with infection present. However this can be addressed and helped prior to receiving the treatments. I personally infuse my treatments with mild peeling, mesotherapy or hydrating injections depending on the individual needs, these treatments should be bespoke.

3 How many and when can I expect to see results? Generally 3-5 sessions are required given at a minimum of 6 weeks apart, clients usually see better skin quality after a single session, but maximum results are seen at 3-5 depending on the severity of the condition.

4 maintenance – normally once desired results are achieved I suggest 4 monthly single treatments to maintain in severe cases and 6 monthly for mild moderate problems